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McDonald Montessori School follows the Montessori method of education created by Dr. Maria Montessori over 100 

years ago. Dr. Montessori believed that children are individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses, interests, and learning styles, and acknowledging these traits is the key to a child's fundamental development. While working in the prepared environment of a Montessori classroom, the child has the opportunity to work on concepts at a level that is challenging without being frustrating. When a child works in this manner, they are more engaged and focused, thereby leading to a deeper understanding of the material with less boredom and frustration. This fosters a genuine, lasting interest in learning. MMS has an environment that is kind and supportive to our students using the Montessori principles. We strive to provide a solid academic foundation with a desire for lifelong learning. We encourage independent decision making and problem solving skills. All of our students are integral members of our classroom communities. We strive to develop positive social, emotional, and physical growth in a respectful environment. Our Montessori classrooms are carefully designed to meet the needs of our students. They are beautiful and orderly which play vital roles in fostering a love of learning.   



MMS offers three academic programs and

two care programs for the school year.

Our Summer Camp program runs through 

June, July, and part of August.


Children's House (CH)

Children's House is a multi-age classroom for children ages three to six. Each classroom has a teacher and an assistant. The Morning Children are generally ages three to four. Extended Day children, also known as Kindergarten aged children, are generally ages five and six. Morning Children attend school from 8:30AM to 12:00PM daily while the Extended Day attends school from 8:30AM to 3:00PM.  Children may enter Children's House between three and four years of age.  To experience the full Montessori work cycle and tap into the sensitive periods, we encourage enrollment prior to a child's fourth birthday.                                                                                                                               

A typical day for a young student in our Children's House classroom begins with a greeting and hand shake with the teacher.  Ready to begin their morning work cycle, the child maneuvers through the classroom with confidence, exploring concepts in math, reading, writing, geography, science, and activities of daily life at their leisure.  Our students learn skills in grace and courtesy, naturally caring and teaching each other, respecting the classroom activities, cleaning up after themselves, preparing their own snack, and washing their dishes.  The morning concludes when the children gather for group to sing songs, celebrate a birthday, hear a story, or learn about something new (in topics as diverse as dinosaurs or China). The day ends with outside play time. 

Extended Day (ED)

The Extended Day student returns to the classroom for an afternoon academic work cycle. It is a very intimate classroom with fewer than ten students and a teacher. Students have lessons in language, math, geography, and science. Extended Day students enjoy additional curriculum experiences like PE, a foreign language, and art.

Lower Elementary (LE)

Lower Elementary is a multi-age classroom for children ages six to nine. The Lower Elementary classroom has a teacher and an assistant. The Lower Elementary program is similar to a first, second, and third grade program. The Lower Elementary children attend school from 8:30AM to 3:00PM. While having previous Montessori experience is helpful, it is not required to enroll in the Lower Elementary Program. 


A typical day for a Lower Elementary student begins with a greeting with the teacher. They begin their morning by choosing a work. Lower Elementary students have individual lessons, small group lessons, and whole class lessons depending upon the lesson and readiness of the student. The Lower Elementary student continues the work that was begun in the Children's House classroom. As their confidence continues to grow, the Lower Elementary student further explores concepts in math, geometry, reading, writing, grammar, word study, geography, and science. Lower Elementary students enjoy additional curriculum experiences like PE, a foreign language, and art. Each school day includes active outside play time. Movement is essential to the Montessori curriculum.    


Before Care

McDonald Montessori offers before school care for both Children's House and Lower Elementary students. Before care is available between 7:30AM-8:30AM for any child currently enrolled at McDonald Montessori. Before care is available on a first come, first serve basis. Parents are encouraged to pre-schedule use of before care to ensure space is available. Only children who have been officially signed into the before care classroom are allowed in the building before 8:30AM. At 8:30AM the regular school arrival process begins.

After Care

MMS offers an after school care program for both Children's House and Lower Elementary students.  After Care is available between 12PM and 5:30PM for any child currently enrolled at MMS.  Parents may either enroll their children in After Care for the full year or on an as-needed basis. Space in After Care is limited, and priority is given to families with a full year plan. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but we strongly encourage advance scheduling when possible to ensure availability. Children who are currently enrolled in the Morning Program and who attend After Care are required to nap from 1:15PM-2:30PM.   School-aged children are welcome to enter After Care at 3:00PM.

After School Activities
MMS provides many After School opportunities for our students.

Although After School Activities vary from year to year, in the past we have offered:

*Children's Yoga



*Foreign Language




We have people from our community teaching the majority of our After School programs. Therefore, our programs have separate registration fees, usually payable to the individual instructor or organization providing the program. All programs are offered at McDonald Montessori School. 


Our summer camp session is for Children's House (3-6 year old) students only.
Please view our registration form above for prices and times.
Summer Camp

The learning doesn't have to end when the school year is over.  We offer a summer program that provides children with a fun and safe environment to encourage their natural tendencies to explore and learn from the world around them. Sessions are one-week long. They are offered from mid-June through the beginning of August, and they are open to children from three to six years old (rising first graders). Summer camp is open to all and regular school year enrollment is not required to attend. Topics vary from week to week. Past sessions have included studying various countries, science experiments, biology, botany, and the senses. Every Friday is "water day," where the children enjoy time playing with various water toys, eating pizza and dessert. 

Before Care and After Care are also offered. The hours mirror those of the regular academic school year.


Summer camp:

*Hours are 8:30AM-12:00PM, Monday-Friday 

*We are closed July 4th

 (or the observed holiday)

*Before Care 7:30AM-8:30AM

*After Care 12:00PM-5:30PM

Week #1 Yoga & Peace June 7 – June 11
During this week, we will learn and explore the movements our bodies make through yoga poses and yoga stories. We will also work on finding peace and calm in our bodies and how we can create a peaceful environment at school and home. Campers must wear comfortable clothing that moves, and shoes that they can easily take on and off.


Week #2 Cooking June 14 - June 18
Who likes to eat? This week is all about the food. We will learn about different kinds of food, basic food safety, and how to follow a recipe. Each day we will make something new together!


Week #3 Camping June 21 - June 25
Pack your love of nature and your sense of adventure because this week, we’re going camping! We will learn what you need to pack, some tips on how to stay safe, make s’mores, sing some campfire songs and more.


Week #4 Superheroes June 28 - July 2
What do Batman, Wonder Woman, nurses, firefighters, and librarians all have in common? They're superheroes! This week, we will learn about superheroes, both real and imaginary. Campers are invited to dress as their favorite superheroes each day!


Week #5 Get Messy July 6 - July 9 (Closed on Monday, July 5th)
Let's get messy! This week we will experiment and learn about all different kinds of messes. Big messes, small messes, the messes we make on purpose...and the messes we sometimes make by accident. (Don't worry, we'll learn about how to clean up, too.) Campers must wear old clothing that they do not mind getting stained.


Week #6 Waterworks July 12 - July 16
What is water? Where can you find it? What does it feel like, look like, taste like? Did you know that you are made up mostly of water? This week, we will learn all about water through a variety of experiments, games, and activities. Campers must wear a bathing suit and bring a change of clothes each day.


Week #7 It’s Showtime July 19 - July 23 
Do you like dancing? Singing? Acting? Campers explore a variety of different kinds of performance and, on Thursday, are invited to demonstrate what they've learned in their own show! (Weather permitting, this will be held outside and family invited to attend.)


Week #8 Game-a-thon July 26 - July 30
Indoor games, outdoor game

s, board games, card games and more! Campers will be introduced to the history of games, play games of all kinds, and even be invited to create their own.


Week #9 Celebrate August 2 - 6 
This week, we will celebrate the end of summer with a party every day! Campers will learn about various celebrations from around the world and enjoy a tea party, a costume party, and a dance party. On Thursday, campers will be invited to design a party all their own. (Weather permitting this will be held outside and family will be invited to attend.)













Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, if enrolled by August 1st, we offer a ten equal payment installment plan.

What if I enroll after August 1st?

Tuition payments will be adjusted accordingly with a final payment on June 1st.

How do we pay tuition

We draft your bank on the first of the month, August through May, for tuition payments only.  All other payments (e.g.Before Care, After Care, and Enrollment Fees) are paid via check or cash. We do not accept credit cards.


What if we want to pay upfront for the entire school year?

Tuition must be paid in full by July 1st. 


Is the tuition refundable?

Potential refunds are given on a case by case basis.

What other fees are there?

There is a non-refundable enrollment fee of $400 per child, per calendar school ye ar that is due with the contract. 

This fee is not prorated.

Do you offer any discounts for tuition?

We offer a 5% sibling discount. (It is automatically applied when more than one child in a family is enrolled.)

We love and appreciate our military families, so we offer a 5% military discount to our active duty service members. Discounts may not be combined.

Do you offer scholarships? 

There is a Kerry-Beth Kirschbaum scholarship fund. There are limited funds, and they are often allocated by March.

Do you prorate tuition?

We prorate tuition for the school year after an October 1st enrollment start date.










Please call for potential Summer Camp enrollment.

We do have a waiting list, and we are happy to put you on it!

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