McDonald Montessori was established in August 2002 by Ellen McDonald.  Inspired by her life-long love of learning through teaching and the Montessori philosophy of human development, she opened the doors to her first facility as a two teacher Montessori Children's House program on August 20, 2002 with seventeen students ranging from ages three to six.  In July of 2006, McDonald Montessori relocated to the current facility at 4200 Granby Street.

McDonald Montessori is affiliated with the American Montessori Society, also known as AMS.  AMS is a professional organization that monitors Montessori schools who choose to be members.  The school is also a member of The Virginia Council for Private Education (The VCPE).  The VCPE oversees accreditation of nonpublic preschool, elementary, and secondary schools in the Commomwealth of Virginia. The VCPE facilitates a statewide framework for communication and cooperation among private school counterparts, state, and local governments and other agencies and organizations.                                                                                     

All lead staff at McDonald Montessori are accredited Montessori teachers where each teacher teaches to the age group for which they are accredited and certified to teach.  All support staff are trained and educated on the Montessori philosophy and method.         

         " The child is both  

the hope and the promise

for mankind "

~Dr. Maria Montessori

Child Safety

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