Ellen McDonald


Ellen is the owner, administrator, and Lower Elementary teacher at McDonald Montessori.  Ellen received her degree from Old Dominion University.  After starting to pursue a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Ellen felt something was missing for her, whereupon she conveniently discovered Montessori.  She began her Montessori career in 1999, training through a Richmond based American Montessori Society accredited program for 3 to 6 year olds, eventually becoming certified in Lower Elementary as well.  After three years of teaching, she ventured off to start her own school. That was August of 2002. Ellen brings a happy, consistent, and supportive manner to her classroom. 


Karen Rodi


Karen is the Children’s House 1 teacher at McDonald Montessori. She has been teaching Montessori since 1992.  Upon graduating from Old Dominion University, Karen embarked upon her Montessori training locally.  She received her training from an American Montessori Society accredited training program for 3 to 6 year olds.  Karen began working at McDonald Montessori in 2004.  She is very adaptable and works to find the best way to teach each individual child.  Karen’s commitment to each child is evident from the moment you step into her classroom. Karen is locally recognized as an amazing teacher whose reputation precedes her. 



Melanie Bauer


Melanie is the latest addition to the McDonald Montessori staff and is the teacher for Children's House 2 . After receiving a bachelor's degree from University of Maryland , Melanie relocated to the Hampton Roads area to pursue her dream of becoming a lead Montessori teacher. She has since earned her early education certification from an American Montessori Society accredited program. Melanie brings an enthusiasm and energy to the classroom that children adore. She connects with each child on a personal level and is focused on encouraging within each of her students a love of learning.

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